Below is a list of the recent content changes that have been made as well as the next upcoming change.

We have plans to cover as many subjects as possible (and exam boards) which, as you can imagine, is a mammoth task, so we ask that you bare with us.

We will get around to covering subjects not listed also and only list the very next immediate release.

Subject requests can be made on help@learndojo.org – we will look to add all popular subjects to our roadmap including core subjects too.


Hello all! Firstly, we’re aware updates have been a little slow so we wanted to apologise for that as we’ve had to take some steps backwards to continue going forward.

We’ve been tirelessly working on a complete redesign and platform change which is due to go live end of February/early March. Once this update has been rolled out, the plan is to push ahead with content across A-level psychology, GCSE History and further subjects following this.

The new update will make the website faster, more user friendly and allow us to do more of the cool things we have planned for you all.

Any questions, please feel free to email us 🙂 

Due next is: Approaches in psychology for A-level Psychology


Psychopathology for AQA A-level Psychology completed.


Attachment for AQA A-level Psychology completed.


AQA A-level Psychology Memory Topic completed.


AQA A-level Psychology Social Influence Topic completed.


AQA GCSE Psychology resources released.