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With the CoronaVirus affecting schools and teachers across the country – we want to say a thank you to every keyworker still out there putting their lives at risk,

We know this includes teachers with health issues or those close to them with such so from this moment – we will be giving free membership to every single school/teacher on Learndojo indefinitely with a lifetime membership. This includes all the new resources we create and release too as we expand our subject range over time.

The only request we have to maintain your lifetime membership as a school or teacher is to link to our subject pages from a relevant subject page on your school website.

So, if you’re teaching GCSE Psychology for example, simply ask your IT team to link to our GCSE Psychology page so your students and their parents can get free resources for it too under the subject page.

If you’re teaching GCSE History – simply link to the GCSE history page. The same applies to the other subjects as we release them.

Once done email us on help@Learndojo.org to let us know and we’ll make sure your account remains a lifetime account – indefinitely.

This will include all the new resources we plan to release in the future too – It’s the least we can do to say thank you.

Stay safe out there,

-Learndojo Team


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