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In March 2020 and due to Covid-19, our world completely changed and suddenly we had to adapt to a new normal.

Education and how people learn has also had to be adapted and because of this threat as well as what this new world means, Learndojo is working to help make education accessible and affordable for all.

This website has been created by a group of teachers, content specialists, marketers and website designers who dedicate their free time to create free educational content for students, teachers and parents across the UK.

Every subject on our website is completely free and fully covered and we’re working every spare moment to create more – this includes the latest 9-1 GCSEs and A-levels.

If you’re a school or teacher and interested in any of our premium resources, simply get in touch ( help@learndojo.org )  and we can look to set you up with a free account. Simples.


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We’re a team of educators, professionals and creatives with one goal in mind – to make education accessible to all for free and help students unlock their potential.

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