GCSE Revision

What GCSE subjects shall we revise?

Our resources cover the latest 9-1 GCSE subjects.

  • Covering the AQA exam board
  • 2 exam papers, 50% each
  • 1hr 45mins per paper
  • Paper 1 exam: 21st May 2020
  • Paper 2 exam: 5th June 2020
  • EXAMS CANCELLED for 2020
  • Under construction!
  • Covering the AQA exam board
  • 3 exam papers, 33.3% each
  • 1hr 30mins per paper
  • 80 marks per paper
  • EXAMS CANCELLED for 2020
  • Covering the Edexcel exam board
  • 3 exam papers: 30%, 40%, 30%
  • Paper 1: 21st May 2020/1hr 15mins
  • Paper 2: 5th June 2020/1hr 45mins
  • Paper 3: 9th June 2020/1hr 30mins

More Subjects Coming Soon!

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  1. hi any chance you can do some revision stuff for gcse sociology as i canot find anything for it on your website 🙂

    • Hi Aamy,

      Yes, we plan to cover Sociology too! We’re currently working our way through GCSE history and A-level psychology so once that is done, sociology is also part of our roadmap.


  2. Why do you not do AQA history? and when will Edexcel business studies be out??

    • Hi Naveen – We’re working to try cover a number of subjects and GCSE Psychology and History are the two we’re currently working on.

      We do plan to cover other exam boards including AQA History which I’m sure you can imagine takes time.

      Business studies will be out as soon as the current two subjects we’re working on are complete (Edexcel History and AQA A-level Psychology).

      Hope this helps,


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