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AQA A Level Psychology Textbook


  • Resources covering all of AQA A level Psychology available as an instant download PDF textbook.
  • The latest specification from 2023+ is covered in immense detail.
  • Practice questions at the end of each topic to consolidate your learning.
  • Teachers & schools can get our resources for free using our contact form at the bottom of the website.
  • Free distribution license for schools and teachers to print and share once purchased (printed copies only).
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For AQA A level Psychology students, teachers and parents, our outstanding resources cover the latest specification in immense detail and depth for the entire course.

In short, there are no resource packs with as much detail on this subject than what we have created.

Available online as digital PDF downloads and accessible instantly (no waiting for delivery), we've covered every chapter and answered every question across all the topics.

These resource packs are perfect for teachers and classroom learning or for student books to improve their understanding as they cover the entire course and are written by our highly experienced teachers with examining experience.

We've included practice application based questions across each topic at the end of every textbook to help students improve their understanding.

Is A-level Psychology hard?

The short answer is yes, psychology at A-level is hard but not for the reasons you think it is.

One main reason AQA Psychology for A level is hard is because of the sheer amount of information you are required to learn and retain for up to 2 years. This involves learning essay answers for almost every topic as it can come up as a possible essay question within the exam across all 3 papers.

The problem is after studying year 1, you not only have to remember all this information you've been taught across two exam papers (papers 1+2), you also have to study huge amounts of information for paper 3 which involves picking 3 topics and learning about them in incredible depth too.

The exams for paper 3 are also mostly essay based across the 3 chosen topics. Each topic has usually up to about 15 or more possible essay questions you could be asked. This means you need to learn potentially up to 45 essays going into paper 3 alone while also remembering all the information you learnt for papers 1 and 2 (which can also ask you essay questions).

Therefore, the main reason AQA A level psychology is hard is primarily due to the huge amounts of information you need to retain and keep refreshed in your memory throughout your course over 2 years (for A level-students) - it is really information overload.

We've broken down the best way to practice and revise A-level psychology in our blog post here.

What topics do you study for AQA A level psychology?

Which topics you learn for AQA A-level psychology depends if you are doing the full A level or whether you are only doing AS.

AS requires you to learn topics only over paper 1 and paper 2 while A-level requires you to learn more content over paper 1, paper 2 and also sit paper 3.

The topics can all be found on our A level psychology revision page here but to confirm, they are:

  1. Social Influence
  2. Memory
  3. Attachment
  4. Psychopathology
  5. Research Methods
  6. Approaches in psychology
  7. Biopsychology
  8. Issues and debates
  9. Relationships
  10. Gender
  11. Cognition and Development
  12. Schizophrenia
  13. Eating behaviour
  14. Stress
  15. Aggression
  16. Forensic psychology
  17. Addiction

Our textbooks and resources cover all these topics for students, teachers and parents in immense depth with model essay answers. They are available online as PDF downloads and completely free for schools and teachers.

What are the AQA Psychology A level grade boundaries?

You can find the latest grade boundaries for AQA A-level psychology here. They will vary every year across each threshold usually by up to 5 marks on average. 

Historical overview of the grade boundaries for AQA A-level Psychology to date (2023)

Year Paper Max Mark A* A B C D E
2023 1 96 tbc tbc tbc tbc tbc tbc
2023 2 96 tbc tbc tbc tbc tbc tbc
2023 3 96 tbc tbc tbc tbc tbc tbc
2022 1 96 67 59 49 39 29 19
2022 2 96 67 59 47 35 23 12
2022 3 96 67 59 47 35 23 11
2021 1 96 63 54 45 36 27 18
2021 2 96 63 54 45 36 27 18
2021 3 96 62 53 43 33 23 13
2020 1 96 65 56 47 38 29 20
2020 2 96 66 57 48 39 30 21
2020 3 96 64 54 44 34 24 15
2019 1 96 70 62 52 43 34 25
2019 2 96 70 62 52 43 34 25
2019 3 96 66 57 47 37 27 17

When are the AQA A Level Psychology exams?

A level psychology exams usually begin in May and roll over into June for paper 3. The latest exam dates are as follows for 2023:

  • AQA AS Psychology Paper 1: 15/05/23 PM Exam
  • AQA AS Psychology Paper 2: 22/05/23 PM Exam
  • AQA A Level Psychology Exam Paper 1: 19/05/23 AM Exam
  • AQA A Level Psychology Exam Paper 2: 25/05/23 PM Exam
  • AQA A Level Psychology Exam Paper 3: 05/06/23 PM Exam

You can find a full list of exam dates across all 3 major exam boards (AQA, Edexcel and OCR) here.


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