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AQA GCSE Psychology Textbook

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  • Resources covering all of AQA GCSE Psychology and available as an instant download PDF textbook.
  • The latest specification from 2023+ is covered in immense detail.
  • Practice questions at the end of each chapter to consolidate your learning.
  • Teachers & schools can get our resources for free using our contact form at the bottom of the website.
  • Free distribution license for schools and teachers to print and share once purchased (printed copies only).
  • Used by over 700 schools and over 12,000 GCSE psychology students using our resources.


For AQA GCSE Psychology students, teachers and parents, our outstanding resources cover the latest 9-1 specification in immense detail and depth for the entire course.

Available online as digital PDF downloads and accessible instantly (no waiting for delivery), we've covered every chapter and answered every question across all the topics.

These resource packs are perfect for teachers and classroom learning or as student books to improve understanding as they cover the entire course and are written by our highly experienced teachers with examining experience.

We've included exercises and practice application based questions across each topic at the end of every textbook to help students improve their understanding.

Perfect For Studying or Teaching

Our AQA Psychology Textbooks for GCSE have been designed with students and teachers in mind and are ultimate study tools for mastering the subject and achieving success in exams!

Our GCSE Psychology textbooks are packed with all the essential content students need to know for the latest AQA GCSE Psychology exam (2023 onwards), presented in a clear and engaging way that will help keep students motivated and focused throughout their studies. Whether you're looking for a comprehensive overview of the key concepts and theories, or you need detailed explanations of specific topics and their evaluations, our textbook has got you covered to help you score top marks and achieve a grade 9.

Our experienced educators and subject experts have carefully crafted the content to ensure that it is accessible and easy to understand, without sacrificing depth or accuracy. With summaries, explanations of key terms and exam-style questions at the end, our textbook is the perfect resource for both classroom learning, teaching and independent study.

Teachers and schools get our resources completely free - simply email us at help@learndojo.org for more information on how you can get all our resource packs for AQA psychology for GCSE and

What topics are in GCSE Psychology?

There are 8 main topics students will study for AQA Psychology at GCSE level which include:

  • Chapter 1: Memory
  • Chapter 2: Perception
  • Chapter 3: Development
  • Chapter 4: Research Methods
  • Chapter 5: Social Influence
  • Chapter 6: Language, Thought and Communication
  • Chapter 7: Brain Neuropsychology
  • Chapter 8: Psychological Problems

How do I study GCSE Psychology?

We've created a detailed study guide on how GCSE psychology students can study for the subject here.

This guide basically gives you a dedicated step-by-step overview on how the subject can be approached and broken down complimented by the content we have created on in our books and online content.

Is psychology a hard GCSE?

Many potential students often ask "is psychology a hard GCSE subject?".  The tutorial above will hopefully answer this question but in short, the answer is no, GCSE psychology is not a particularly hard subject to learn provided you revise sufficiently and learn the key theories and how to evaluate them.

There are a number key theories and concepts you need to learn which may be difficult initially but once you learn them, they are easy to recall. Learning to evaluate everything and finding strengths as well as weaknesses is key for the bigger questions and reaching the higher scoring bands.

11 reviews for AQA GCSE Psychology Textbook

  1. Jay Lee (verified owner)

    Really good set of textbooks, much more detailed than the standard AQA ones and practice questions at the end of each chapter are really useful as they are based on actual past questions. Would recommend.

  2. Rhys Brookes (verified owner)

    Fantastic resource packs! We are using them at our school and they really helping my students

  3. JP Cooper (verified owner)

    Brilliant resource. Has helped massively during this exam time.

  4. Esmé Gardner (verified owner)

    In-depth revision guides, useful for those wanting more detail than what the textbooks give. The evaluation points are useful for the bigger 12 mark essay style questions too. Helpful practice questions for each topic at the end of each pack.

  5. Grace Jones (verified owner)

    Really helpful for grasping each of the 8 topics

  6. Samantha Clarke (verified owner)

    Well explained and my students are finding these packs really useful just before the exams. It's all nicely broken down across the specification. We would love to see similar resources for A-level too as we also teach this at sixth form.

  7. Kerry N (verified owner)

    Everything is covered really well across both papers

  8. Becky Moore (verified owner)

    Your packs proved really useful for my students this year, many of them averaged Grades 7 - 9 for their GCSEs. I will recommend my next year group to check your content out.

  9. Matilda Grace (verified owner)

    The best set of resources I've come across for GCSE psychology and everything is nicely broken down step by step

  10. Amelia Reed (verified owner)

    I've been using this psychology textbook for my studies, and it's been a valuable guide. The explanations are clear, and I find the practice questions at the end helpful. It gets the job done for a psychology student like me.

  11. Alan Smith (verified owner)

    These are some of the best revision textbooks available for GCSE psychology because the content follows the spec exactly and then you have the practice questions taken from all the past exams compiled for each chapter to work through that helps you test your knowledge.

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