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AQA GCSE Psychology Textbook

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The latest 9-1 GCSE Psychology course

We’ve covered the entire AQA GCSE psychology course in immense detail across our booklets and even our website. Everything you need to know for your exams is covered and prepares you for your exams as per the latest 9-1 GCSE specification.


Perfect For Teachers and Students

Everything is broken down nicely into individual booklets covering the different chapters. These make perfect revision aids or booklets to be printed and handed out to your students if you’re teaching the subject or learning it.


Instantly Available, No Waiting For Delivery

As soon as you purchase our resources, they become instantly available within your Learndojo account under the ‘downloads’ tab from your dashboard. No waiting for delivery.

Nayan Patel, Teacher

“One of the best revision websites available for my GCSE psychology students, thank you! It saves us all from having to buy expensive resources.”


7 Workbooks Covering All The Different Chapters

We’ve broken down all the different topics for AQA GCSE Psychology into 7 different workbooks which are completely printer-friendly and cover everything you need to know in an easy to understand way! Teachers and students will love these.

AQA GCSE Psychology Textbooks

What do these textbooks cover?

Covering the latest 9-1 AQA GCSE Psychology specification, we're offering the cheapest, most cost-effective resources available.

These resources are designed for three sets of people in mind; teachers, students and home learners such as private students.

Our resources are perfect for teachers as you have ready-made workbooks covering all the different chapters in immense detail that follow the specification exactly.

If you're a student or private learner, instead of spending a fortune on either textbooks or distance learning packs, you can download this pack as it covers everything you need to know for this course, literally saving you a fortune.

Why are these resources so cheap?

Learndojo is all about making education affordable for all - that's our mantra. To do this, we're going to make everything ridiculously low-price for everyone. That doesn't mean we skimp on quality either and we're confident these are the best AQA GCSE psychology textbooks online right now offering incredible value. Even our premium subscription cost's less than a single textbook would.

Education should be easily available to all and because of this belief, our dedicated teachers create these resources because they share our vision and we can then offer them at a super-low price. In fact, we even give them to partnered schools for free too.

What if I'm a private student or distance learner?

If you are a private student, retake student or even a home-learner that wants to study GCSE Psychology - that's no problem too and these revision guides will help.

These resources follow the specification exactly and are written by qualified teachers who teach the subject. It's a common myth that you need to spend hundreds on resources learning subjects like this and it's simply not true - in fact, we're making it a point to make education easily affordable for all with our super-low prices. These packs are great for private candidates as well as home-learners and retake students as they cover everything you need to know for your exams.

How can I sit the exams as a private candidate?

Not only are we providing resources for this subject, but we can also refer you to a private exam centre in the midlands to sit your exams so you don't need to spend ages looking for somewhere to accept you. Get in touch with our partnered exam centre based in the midlands, Alphatutorials.org, and book yourself in.

AlphaTutorials is a charity that operates in the East Midlands. They are a registered exam centre and allow private students to register and sit exams with them. They are fantastic at offering revision classes, retake exams and a second chance to people who want to improve their education.

Please call their offices during opening times and they will assist you with any queries you may have should you wish to sit any exams with them as a private candidate.


1 review for AQA GCSE Psychology Textbook

  1. Lisa Hamilton (verified owner)

    Really impressed with the resources. My students will find this useful once we re-open, thank you.

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Sounds good! Anything else I need to know?

  • Yes, our resources really are this cheap.
  • The resources are all downloadable textbooks only and nothing is sent via post. You get access to them instantly upon purchase and they become available under your ‘downloads’ tab within your account for you to view and print. They work on all devices from laptops, tablets to even phones.
  • The resources will be available within your account for 1year (365 days) for you to download from when you purchase them. After this period the downloads will expire so please ensure you download them before this happens.
  • You are not allowed to copy, upload or distribute the resources anywhere online or publically due to copyright.
  • If you are a teacher, you are allowed to make printouts only for students but not distribute the actual files with students or others. These must be kept in your possession only.
  • Research Methods (chapter 4) is covered on our website rather than an actual textbook like the others.
  • You will be emailed the password to open these booklets as part of your order email.

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