AQA GCSE Psychology Revision

(Unit code: 8182)

This section provides revision resources for the new 9-1 GCSE psychology specification for the AQA exam board. This specification is being taught from September 2017 with the first exams in June 2019. The specification unit code is 8182. You can find the GCSE Specification for psychology here.
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21 May 2020

Exam for GCSE Psychology Paper 1 (8182/1)
Start time: pm
Duration: 1h 45m

5 June 2020 

Exam for GCSE Psychology Paper 2 (8182/2)
Start time: pm
Duration: 1h 45m

AQA GCSE Psychology Past Exam Papers and Mark Schemes

Chapter 1: Memory

  • Processes of memory: encoding (input) storage and retrieval (output)
  • Structures of memory
  • Memory as an active process

Memory – Paper 1.


Chapter 2: Perception

  • Sensation and perception
  • Visual cues and constancies
  • Gibson’s direct theory of perception – the influence of nature
  • Visual illusions
  • Gregory’s constructivist theory of perception – the influence of nature
  • Factors affecting perception

Perception – Paper 1.


Chapter 3: Development

  • Early brain development
  • Piaget’s stage theory and the development of intelligence
  • The role of Piaget’s theory in education
  • The effects of learning on development

Development – Paper 1.

Research Methods

Chapter 4: Research Methods

  • Formulation of testable hypotheses
  • Types of variable
  • Sampling methods
  • Designing research
  • Correlation
  • Research procedures
  • Planning and conducting research
  • Ethical considerations
  • Quantitative and qualitative data
  • Primary and secondary data
  • Computation
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Interpretation and display of quantitative data
  • Normal distributions

Research Methods – Paper 1.

Social Influence

Chapter 5: Social Influence

  • Conformity
  • Obedience
  • Prosocial behaviour
  • Crowd and collective behaviour

Social Influence – Paper 2.

Chapter 6: Language, Thought and Communication

  • The possible relationship between language and thought
  • The effect of language and thought on our view of the world
  • Differences between human and animal communication
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Explanations of non-verbal behaviour

Language, Thought and Communication – Paper 2.

Chapter 7: Brain and Neuropsychology

  • Structure and function of the nervous system
  • Neuron structure and function
  • Structure and function of the brain
  • An introduction to neuropsychology

Brain and Neuropsychology – Paper 2.

Chapter 8: Psychological Problems

  • An introduction to mental health
  • How the incidence of significant mental health problems changes over time
  • Effects of significant mental health problems on individuals and society
  • Characteristics of clinical depression
  • Theories of depression
  • Interventions or therapies for depression
  • Characteristics of addiction
  • Theories of addiction
  • Interventions or therapies for addiction

Psychological problems – Paper 2.


AQA GCSE Psychology 8182

On the left we have all the topics we need to learn for AQA GCSE psychology. We have a total of 8 topics in total spread over 2 exam papers. Each exam paper is worth 50% of the overall GCSE and is 1hr 45 minutes long. Each paper is worth 100 marks each (200 marks in total over the two exam papers). The questions consist of multiple choice, short answers and extended writing questions.